The smarter way to own and
operate an affiliate title agency.

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Get a tech-enabled managed service platform with GridBase

GridBase tech stack

With eAgency, your title business can swiftly and seamlessly integrate a tech stack by connecting to GridBase, saving time and money.

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GridBase eAgency portal

Through our eAgency portal you get access to amazing features such as, AI text messaging, LOS options, dashboard reporting and more.

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Powered by Grid151

Title agents can outsource most of their back office operations to Grid151, leaving the agent to focus on their needs.

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100% Ownership

Sharing is good, but not when it comes to your equity. Your title agency is wholly-owned by you.

Who can be an eAgent?

Title insurance industry participants looking to control their customers’ experience, manage compliance, and create ancillary income.

Real Estate Brokerage

Mortgage Lender

Institutional Homebuyer


Online Auction Marketplace

Loan Servicer

Real Estate Matchmaker

How it works

The eAgency program allows a title agent to outsource most of their back office operations to Grid151, leaving the agent to focus on the fun stuff: business development, relationship building, brand management, and perfecting the customers’ experience.

The eAgent remains the face to the lender and/or real estate agent relationship while Grid151 performs most back office functions behind the scenes. The agent does not have to share equity with any other party, and the consumer and all data remain in a fully-integrated transaction experience controlled by the eAgent.

Like a turnkey franchise, but for title insurance. An industry first.


  • Hassle
  • Required Experience Building a Title Agency
  • Technology or Security Requirements


  • Control of Customer Experience
  • Profit Margins
  • Capture Rate
  • Flexibility


  • Risk
  • Required Capital
  • Overhead
  • Operational Responsibility


  • Innovation & Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Partnership
  • Consequent Monetization

A complete solution

Stand up and scale quickly with our world-class technology and security

What you do

  • Identify the source of title business
  • Client engagement
  • Procure title business
  • Limited title agent functions

What we do

  • Agency and compliance management
  • Centralized operational oversight
  • Powered by industry leading proprietary tech stack, GridBase
  • And…just about everything else