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Institutional Investors

Speed and execution matter; on every single property. Unlock timeline, service, and pricing efficiencies and collapse your acquisition cost by owning an affiliate title agency. eAgency gets you there quicker, with less lift required, and better scalability.

Collapse Acquisition Cost

The eAgency program allows you to create a new revenue stream, defraying acquisition and other transactional costs to your core business which are today paid to 3rd parties.

Unlock Operational Efficiencies

Bringing title and escrow into your owned ecosystem enables a consistent, uniform, and reliable process that is repeatable across transactions and links principal stakeholders in tight coordination to maximize transactional efficiency and throughput.

Frictionless and Smart Integrations

The proprietary eAgency platform offers a technology infrastructure that can integrate seamlessly with the system(s) of record for your core business.


The eAgency program makes starting, owning, and operating a title agency simple.

  1. Ease & Accessibility
    Lower the barriers to entry with a proven model and a trusted partner.
  2. Speed to Market
    Skip the learning curve and utilize our expert team to license, build, and configure your agency.
  3. Scalability
    Unlock new volume and markets by leveraging the industry’s best back office fulfillment and proprietary workflow technology.
  4. Risk Reduction
    An agent’s risk can be reduced by outsourcing title searches, title examination, disbursement, and other risk tasks to Specialty.
  5. Increase Monetization
    Earn ancillary income with predictable margins by attaching title.
  6. Control Customer Experience
    Extend control over your customer’s experience by bringing the title and settlement product into your own ecosystem.
  7. Channel Conflict Free
    Don’t be someone else’s side hustle. Rest assured we are exclusively focused on the partner channel.
  8. 100% Ownership
    Sharing is good – but not when it comes to your equity. Your eAgency is wholly-owned by you.
  9. Ultimate Optionality
    Stay awhile in eAgency or use it as a launchpad toward operating a traditional title agency.

Expert Help and Guidance

eAgency is a hybrid SaaS product, combining world-class proprietary technology and industry-best back office fulfillment, to create a turn-key entry point for adding title and closing to your ecosystem. With eAgency, you’ll never walk alone.

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